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We believe in the ultimate performance...

If you run, jump, sit, stand, twist, fly, sing, laugh, move or groove then Performance Medicine is the only place for you.

At Performance Medicine Physiotherapy Melbourne we specialise in proactive sports physiotherapy and dance physiotherapy diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

We provide premier dance and performance physiotherapy and are the Australian pioneers in vocal unloading.

So if it’s back, neck or muscle pain or you want to improve “you” our Melbourne sports physiotherapists have the expertise to help you achieve your ultimate performance.

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*Yoga Resonance Classes*
Patients reporting “clicking joints” is a common phenomenon and a common question asked is “why does it click”?
Assessing movement patterns is an important component of physiotherapy. Movement coaching involves improving the quality, power timing, efficiency and effectiveness of movement. At Performance Medicine we have movement coaches who base their practice on the work of pioneering physiotherapists such as Dr. Shirley Sahrmann (Movement Systems Impairments approach) and Dr. Diane Lee (Integrated Systems Model).
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